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Busitema University Staff Empowered for Online Learning as they Conclude a two-day Workshop


Busitema University, in partnership with Cyber School Technologies and with generous funding from the Mastercard Foundation, has successfully concluded a transformative two-day training event on E-Learning and Learning Management Systems on September 26th, 2023. The training, led by experts from Eight Tech Consults, aimed to equip both academic and support staff from all six Busitema University campuses with essential skills in content authoring. This comprehensive program marks a significant step forward in the university's commitment to enhancing its online distance learning capabilities, aligning with the evolving trends in academia.

With a diverse cohort of attendees, including teaching faculty and administrative staff, the training sessions covered fundamental aspects of E-Learning and Learning Management Systems. The knowledge and skills acquired during this event are expected to empower Busitema University to excel in online distance learning, a mode of education that has gained immense importance in today's educational landscape. As Busitema looks toward the future, this initiative underscores its dedication to providing accessible and quality education to a broader audience, embracing the digital transformation that has become the hallmark of modern education.